The North Carolina Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity is an organization of property owners, property managers, and others who support and promote responsible private home rentals.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide residents, visitors, and their guests with a variety of housing choices and the opportunity to experience diverse North Carolina neighborhoods.
  • Preserve, repair, and restore residential housing stock
  • Promote economic opportunities for local neighborhoods while preserving or improving the overall quality of life

Our position is to support housing choice:

  • Private home rentals offer accommodations and visitor experiences that are not available at hotels, motels, or traditional B&Bs.
  • Private home rentals provide a “home away from home” where visitors can relax, visit family, cook their own meals, and explore a new area.
  • Private home rentals allow friends and extended families to stay together during visits to North Carolina for college graduations, weddings, and other events.
  • During frequent periods of high hotel occupancy rates in North Carolina, a private home rental may be the only choice for visitors.

We support data-driven decision making. We oppose policy decisions that are made based on anecdotes and fear. We challenge the opponents of legal short-term rentals to present reliable data demonstrating that the problems they claim exist actually exist and that any problems that do exist were caused or substantially worsened by short-term rentals.

We support solution-driven decision making, with solutions narrowly tailored to address specific problems that actually exist. We support reasonable enforceable regulations that hold owners and tenants responsible and accountable to each other, to neighbors, and to neighborhoods.


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